Covid-19 hindering cricket development

By Lesley Chihwata

The Covid-19 pandemic is hindering the development of cricket in the country a top cricket administrator has said. 

Administrator for the Kwekwe based cricket franchise Midwest Rhinos Admire Marodza recently told Observer sport that Covid-19 has adversely affected the sport since most players are not training.

“Covid 19 has totally hindered the development of cricket as a sport since the some of our players are not receiving training hence shoveling us backwards as a club (Midwest Rhinos),” he said.

To keep players in shape Midwest Rhinos availed individual training programs. 

“Our players however were given programs by their coaches to be doing individual training at home although this was just our temporary measure of keeping our players in shape things will never be the same as before,” he said.

However, Marodza said the future of some players of coming back to the game is in doubt.

“Some of our players heavily relied on the sport for survival hence this pandemic has left them vulnerable and some have lost love for the game as there are now turning to other means for survival since the club for now cannot assist,” he said

The coronavirus pandemic has since affected several cricket fixtures and tournaments as in this month Zimbabwe was supposed to host Afghanistan.

The fixture has since been cancelled following an increase of Covid19 cases in the country.

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