Redcliff Mayor brings cheer to less privileged

By Eugen Gumede/Marylyn Dube

Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva on Friday in a bid to improve the welfare of the less privileged during the Covid-19 pandemic made food donations to over a 100 people from various sections of Redcliff society.

Masiyatsva said traditionally, the Mayor’s cheerfund is held once a year however yo assist the less privileged members of the society, in response to the Covid-19 challenges the program will be held once a year so as to improve on the welfare issues of the less privileged.

“The cheer fund is a program that we started last year the main objective being of helping the less privileged in the Redcliff community, the program was usually held annually but for the year 2020 we are going to distribute the food stuffs twice so as to help the less privileged in the Covid-19 pandemic era,” Masiyatsva said during the distribution exercise.

The event was made successful through collaborations from councillors, local MP, and corporates in Redcliff.

Lamcast provided 1000 kgs of roller meal, Livetouch provided with 250kgs of roller meal, the Redcliff MP Lloyd Mukapiko provided 400kgs of soyabeans while 200kgs of rice were bought using the cheer fund budget. 

“In response to the hardships that came as a result of covid 19  the cheerfund board together with the MP and counsellors we decided to plead with a number of companies that include Livetouch and Lamcast that provided us with roller meal also the MP supported with soya beans then as a board we provided rice,” said Masiyatsva 

The program targeted 100 people in all three suburbs that includes Redcliff, Torwood and Rutendo and also the old people’s home in Rutendo.

“We are distributing 1000kgs of roller meal, 200kgs of rice and 400kgs of soyabeans to 100 less privileged people in nine wards under our constituency and 250kgs of roller meal to the old peoples home in Rutendo,” he said.

Some of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude on the gesture.

A 60 year old Elizabeth Mubayiwa said she was happy to have managed to receive foodstuffs.

“ I am so happy for the work that the cheerfund is doing in our communities, I got 10kg roller meal, rice and beans with the food we got I can at least go for days with a full stomach, ” Mubayiwa said.

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