Tragedy as 2 unattended Mbizo minors perish in house fire

By Lesley Chihwata 

In a tragic incident two minors from Mbizo 3 Extension on Sunday died in an inferno which razed down their house.

The fire is believed to have been caused by a leaking gas cylinder.

The unattanded minors Tadiwa Sibake (6) Tinashe Sibake ( 3) are believed to have been left in the custody of their cousin sister 22 year old Amanda Charambira after their mother had gone to Bulawayo for a funeral.

Charambira is believed to have gone to buy relish for supper leaving the minors on their own. 

Neighbours who witnessed the tragedy said it was too late to save the minors. 

“We suddenly saw some fire bursting into the air after Amanda had gone to buy some vegetables for supper leaving the children unsupervised in the presence of a filled gas cylinder. Then we heard the children scream inside the house, when we rushed to rescue them it was too late as the fire was now out of control,” said Anotida Mutimudye one of the neighbours.

The Midlands observer established that the fire tender only arrived when the fire had already razed the entire house. 

“We called the fire brigade team informing them about the disaster but they only arrived when the fire had already consumed almost everything ,” another neighbour said.

Family spokesperson Arnold Moyo was beyond words with grief. 

“It is really painful to experience this great loss and the worst part of it all is that none of us was here to witness what really happened, other than just we received a call from our  niece Amanda who had been left custodian with the children by my sister (the deceased children`s mother) Trish Moyo .We rushed here yesterday from Bulawayo where we were attending a funeral only to realize when we arrived that the bad news were true ,indeed my nephews had been burnt to ashes,” he said in tears .

An attempt to interview the mother of the deceased proved fruitless as she was in grief.

This is really painful for my sister to accept that her two precious little boys are gone just like that ad at the same time .At least if one of them survived we would have known how the fire all started but as it stands it is indeed a painful loss because there is no story to be told,” he said.

Sources explained that, “The fire Brigade team confirmed that there was a high possibility that a gas leak might have been responsible for the fire as there were no signs of any electrical fault in the house and the gas cylinder im the house was no longer intact after the fire wss cleared out ,” said one of the sources who was on the scene when all this happened.

The bodies were found in the kitchen near the place where sources say that was where the gas cylinder is usually positioned in the house.

Neighbors said they were still shocked as to how the fire spread so fast without anyone noticing till it was too late to recover anything.

Mourners are gathered at the brother`s homestead in Mbizo 12 extension were burial arrangements are still being made. 

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