Gweru refurbishes bus terminuses, market places

By Limbikani Banda

Gweru city council has taken advantage of the national lockdown to refurbish four of its local bus terminuses and some market places this publication reports.

The work is being done with assistance from tqo private companies.

The four bus terminuses which  are Mutapa, Kumbai  , Kudzanai, Mutapa and Irvine are currently under construction and Bentach and Cassa Private Companies are working with the council on the projects.

In an interview with the Midlands Observer, Gweru  City Council spokesperson Vimbai Chingwaramusee highlighted that  progress is currently underway since they have received some capital from the ministry of Women affairs and gender relations.

“We have received a tune of $23 million from the Ministry of Women Affairs to refurbish Mutapa bus terminus and construction has already started,” she said.

Refurbishment  has already begun at small and medium entreprise local and informal markets to curb space shortages at Mutapa bus terminus.

“We have responded to the call of the authorities and progress is currently underway after we received the funds,” she said.

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