Birthday celebrations turn tragic as girlfriend die from drug overdose, while boyfriend attempt suicide

By Lesley Chihwata 

Birthday celebrations turned tragic on Defence Forces Day commemorations for a Kwekwe Polytechnic student who died last week after her boyfriend overdosed her with drugs before the boyfriend made an attempt on his life by consuming rat poison.

It is believed that Miriam Mudunge (21) from Mbizo 4 Extension received a concotion of “mutoriro,” and broncleer from her boyfriend as they were celebrating her birthday at the boyfriend’s place in Mbizo 6 Extension.

The boyfriend Takudzwa Mundinei 24 is currently battling for life at Kwekwe General Hospital.

The Midlands Observer gathered that the student passed on at her place.

After realising that his girlfriend had passed on due to a drug overdose the boyfriend proceeded to consumme rat poison.

The boyfriend is believed to have written a confession letter about the tragedy.

“He had spent the whole day celebrating his girlfriend`s birthday with her that l had not been able to see him ,when he called me saying he had returned home from escorting his girlfriend to her place Mbizo four extension that is when l decided to go and see him ,” the boyfriend’s friend Anotida Ndlovu told this publication.

“Upon arriving at his place that is when l found him vomiting blood on the floor and beside him was a letter which he had written saying he had given his girlfriend brongo and mutoriro , He was admitting to being the one responsible for the death of his girlfriend that is when l called some neighbors for help and we rushed him to Kwekwe General hospital where he is still hospitalised ,” he said.

The deceased is said to have been dropped home by his boyfriend heavily drunk that the boyfriend had to call her sisters who are also her guardians, to assist her in getting inside so that she could rest ,unfortunately she passed away that very same evening.

“She came back home looking all drunk and the boyfriend called us to assist carrying her inside to rest as the boyfriend said she was going to be alright as he claimed it was only beer that had got her drunk and it was so foolish of us to believe him as she then passed away that very same evening,” said a tearful Melaine Mudunge one of the elder sister.

“After contacting  the boyfriend that same evening informing him about what had happened and asking him what he had given our sister ,he hanged up and when we tried calling him again his cell suddenly became unreachable ,neither did we know he was also planning such a tragic move of killing himself,” she said.

“We will make sure that we get justice over the death of our sister as we will not allow him to walk a free man whilst his responsible for our sister`s death,” said Melaine in tears.

Midlands Police provincial Spokesperson Inspector  Joel Goko confirmed the tragedy.

Meanwhile, investigations are currently underway.

The deceased is expected to be buried at Mbizo 19 Cemetery on Friday.

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