Kwekwe Polytechnic continued closure leave landlords counting loses

By Marylyn Dube

House owners who were cashing on Kwekwe Polytechnic students have fallen on hard times following the continued closure of the institution of higher learning.

To curb the spread of Covid-19 government has since ordered the closure of all the learning institutions in the country.

With the continued closure of Kwekwe Polytechnic, landlords in Msasa, Newtown, Mbizo and Fitchlea who had converted their houses into student apartments as a source of income have been left counting loses.

“I am so devastated because I am unemployed, the only means that I had for survival was renting my house out to some of the students and I don’t see if these schools are going to resume anytime soon because the virus is worsening therefore I don’t know how I am going to survive,” said a landlord who identified herself as Mpofu from Msasa Park.

Some landlords have resorted to vending.

” We keep praying to the Almighty that this Covid crisis ends sooner than later because if it worsens am afraid we won’t be able to survive because of the economic hardships that are currently taking place as we are now not generating any income from our properties,” said Matanga who is also a landlord in Mbizo Extension.

Hopes were raised when engineering students started to attend classes last month. 

However, these hopes were dashed after government ordered for the closure of tertiary institutions again. 

“I was thrilled when the engineering students resumed their studies because I was going to earn my money, sadly they closed a week later and my hopes where crushed,” another landlord said.

Landlords still hope that Kwekwe Polytechnic students will resume their studies soon so that their livelihoods can improve.

Landlords have been charging an average of USD $40 per head.

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