Gweru motivational speaker launches e-book

Tinaani Nyabereka

GWERU- Motivational speaker, Life coach, and musician, Flavian Madziva aka ‘FLAV The Motivator’ recently launched his first book which has been turned into an electronic version format for social media platforms.

The book ‘GO, GET IT! The Go-al Getters’ Guide’ aims at empowering  young people on  turning visions into goals as well  pursue the goals into reality.

Madziva speaking to this publication in an interview said content creation was a key component in addressing the culture of reading among young people as reading has become a challenge in today’s society.

“As a motivational speaker I believe everyone needs inspiration and motivation in everything they do and this book challenges readers to stop hesitating and procrastinating on their goals, and start taking action since action is the only way to achieving one’s goals. 

“The title of this book came from the realization that the only way to achieving our goals is to get up, go and get them, hence the name GO, GET IT! The Go-al Getters’ Guide, .The e-book intends to empower readers with the step by step process on how to turn visions into goals and on how to pursue those goals until one has achieved them,” he said.

He added that motivational speaking as a career required adequate training as one couldn’t just take the program without proper guidance and mentorship.

“My work is inspired by issues that affects people from grassroots level to global levels. I’m obliged to always open my eyes and ears to issues that affects people be it social or political issues and in addressing them. Most people are wallowing in despair because of the current harsh socio-economic situation so through my writings I seek to empower people to remove ceilings from their minds and be able to think big and sequentially do big as well as empowering.

“To those who aspire to be public speakers like I let me say there is a defined line between inspiration and investing into your skills. Motivational speaking is not an inborn thing rather requires one to undergo proper training  and get knowledge of how it’s done and bear in mind it goes along with the steps which one takes.

“For I endeavor to add my voice of inspiration and motivation that will drive a positive transformation and empower people. Looking at the current situation I thought of using the social media platforms so I reach to most of the readers who are currently in the lockdown and can’t travel to access hard copies even in town,” added Madziva.

Madziva a Supply Chain Management graduate said his academic expertise contributed to the evolution of his authorship as he learnt what people perceived on various issues.

He further bemoaned challenges affecting the Arts Industry saying a lot was needed to reshape the sector.

“Apart from the reading culture the sector is facing various challenges which include lack of support from the local community because charity begins at home. How best can we motive the locals to give us their support because one cannot be appreciated internationally if not at home first?

“There is also the perception of piracy were pdfs are being shared for free sometimes without the concern of the author. This has greatly killed the profession because we also need to invest in our time and resources which we use to produce,” added Madziva. 

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