Mobile vending a good initiative-Viset

By Tafadzwa Phiri

Vendors Initiative For Social and Economic Transformation (VISET) Director Samuel Wadzanai has said mobile vending is an innovative form which is in response to the Covid-19 scourge.

Speaking to this publication in an interview Wadzanai said government must support the inniative.

“It’s not possible for everyone to be in the market. This kind of innovation of using mobile vehicles to trade and to   be where the customers   are is innovation which has been brought by coronavirus,” he said.

He added that Viset have started the process of ensuring that they identify mobile vendors and support them with recommended materials so that  they are able to work without exposing their customers to the dangers of Covid 19.

“As an organisation we have started the process of supporting    mobile vendors with materials like PPEs , face masks and hand sanitizers in order to curb the dangers of covid 19,” he said.

Wadzanai is encouraging the mobile vendors to practise social distance when serving their customers to avoid  spreading Covid 19.

“Mobile vending is a good form of innovation which is being done by several vendors, however social distancing should always be accompanied by this activity (mobile vending), in order to avoid exposing customers to covid 19,” he said.

PEOPLE vending from their vehicles and others that move door-to-door, have been on the increase since the onset of lockdown 5 months ago. 

Cars have since become mobile markets in Zimbabwe where enterprising residents are selling goods from their vehicles to cope with economic hardships caused by the coronavirus.

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