Murder accused Kwekwe City housing Director trial in October

By Staff Reporter 

Kwekwe City Director of Housing 51 year old Edson Chiyangwa’s trial for murder is expected to commence in October.

 Appearing before Kwekwe Magistrate Mildred Mutivi on Thursday, the trial date was set for 16 October.

 The Kwekwe City top official is currently out on bail. Chiyangwa is standing accused of murdering one of the gang members who had invaded into his Forever, Mine in Zhombe. 

His defence team is instead preffering culpable homicide charges as opposed to murder, “since the act was done in self defence, since the miners had trespassed on private property and my client had to take action as the angry miners would have caused harm to my client as they did to his friend,” stated defence lawyer Valentine Mutatu. 

Representing the State Meleni Nkala said the now deceased Darlington Chiundura who was in the company of armed 25 other illegal artisinal miners arrived at Chiyangwa’s mine unannounced and demanded that the Kwekwe City boss and his associate Cornelious Dube grant them permission to prospect at the Mine.

 The gang turned aggressive after Chiyangwa turned down thier proposal insisting that they were tresspassing on private property. 

The gang which was armed with machete, iron bars amongst other weapons started to advance at Chiyangwa and his employees.

 The court then heard that  sensing danger Chiyangwa drew out his 357 Taurus pistol and fired a warning shot in the air an act which did not deter the gang as they continued advancing. 

By now his associate had locked himself inside a car. Chiyangwa before managing to escape fired a shot towards the advancing group, and Chiundura was resultantly shot, leading to his death. The gang dispersed a bit giving the council executive an opportune moment to flee from the scene to make a police report. 

The menacing gang then regrouped and advanced towards the car were Dube was hiding and destroyed the car when they hacked him with machetes leaving him for Chiyangwa was then picked up by police for questioning before his subsequent court appearance before Magistrate Mildred Mutuvi. 

Mutuvi remanded the city boss in custody to 6 August but advised him to appeal for bail at the High Court. 

“He was granted bail and is currently out. We obtained consent from the Prosecuting Authority in Gweru and it was accepted by the magistrate court,” defence lawyer Mutatu said. 

Chiyangwa was ordered to pay 2000rtgs, to report every Friday, reside at his usual address, not to intefere with State witnesses and surrender his travel documents

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