Witnesses fail to turn up for Gokwe Town Secretary graft hearing

By Staff Reporter

Key witnesses failed to turn up for the hearings in which Gokwe Town Secretary Melania Mandeya is being accused of abuse of office and grafts allegations at Gokwe Town House.

 In an interview Gokwe Town Chairperson Never Gwanzura said though the Internal hearings have since taken off they couldn’t be concluded because key witnesses failed to turn up for the hearing Gwanzura has since indicated that if found guilty Mandeya is going to be dismissed from council. 

“The hearing was done but faced some technicality which made it difficult to finalise the issue. Some of the witnesses did not come as they gave excuses. The hearings will therefore, be at a date to be advised so that the matter will be put to finality. I didn’t manage to get the reasons why the witnesses didn’t turn up that is up to the disciplinary committee. I however, hope that they were genuine reasons,” he said. 

Mandeya who is currently under suspension was arrested earlier this year facing abuse of office charges. She is currently on bail following the criminal allegations. 

Earlier this year Gokwe Town Council suspended Mandeya from her position to pave way for internal investigations which commenced last month and are expected to end mid this month.

 “Mandeya was arrested by police through an article circulated on social media till the CID did an investigation on  the allegations levelled against her which led to her court appearances,” Gwanzura told this publication in an interview. 

Gokwe Town Council after the criminal allegations council was left with no choice but to institute internal investigations. “By law we are allowed to conduct internal investigations.

We will wait cor the findings from the hearing. As council we have the right to conduct our own hearing and if found guilty we charge her and dismiss her, that is what our urban act prescribes. We are therefore waiting for the results of the hearing,” he said. 

He added that Council had requested the hearing to be chaired by a magistrate but the Judicial Service Commission turned down the request. 

“The proceedings are being chaires by lawyers. We were supposed to have a magistrate or any of the judiciary but our request was turned down by the judiciary commission saying the case is still under the courts so there might develop an interest within the magistrates so we opted  to choose lawyers one as Disciplinary officer the other as Prosecutor.

Meanwhile Melania Mandeya is being represented by her Lawyer,this is in line with Urban Council Act,” he said. 

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