Kwekwe City Town Clerk in Covid-19 scare, employees call for temporary closure of Civic Centre

By News Editor 
Employees at Kwekwe City Council are on the edge following reports that Town Clerk Lucia Mkandla is in self isolation after she came in contact with a person who is believed to have the deadly coronavirus. 

Workers who are now jittery are calling for the temporary closure of the civic centre as they feel they are not safe. 

However, Mayor Angeline Kasipo has assured the city not to panick, since the Town Clerk is yet to be tested, though she is in self isolation. 

“There is no need to panick as yet. Its true i can confirm that the Town Clerk is in self isolation after coming in contact with someone who has contracted Covid-19. Her driver came in contact with someone who had been infected. As a precautionary measure she is now in self isolation.  She is yet to undergo tests, she will be able to know her status after tests. I spoke to her and she told me that she is fine. She will go for tests after 7 days as her condition is being monitored. She haven’t contracted the virus so there is no need to panic,” Kasipo assured. 
Workers at Town House are however, panicking. 

“We don’t know why authorities are not coming out clean on the issue. Before she went off duty, Mkandla had a meeting with departmental heads and if her status is unquestionably it will put everyone at risk. Authorities must just come out clean on her status,” an employee told this publication. 

Workers have indicated that they are not secure from Covid-19 as the local authority is not providing Personal Protective Equipment. Other disgruntled employees said the situation at Town House was putting them at risk.
“The situation here is very bad. We deal with people daily but we are ill equipped. There is no protective clothing, there are no thermometers, there is no sanitation or fumigation of the place. Authorities here are taking us for granted. Its better to shut down the place until measures are put in place which ensures that we are safe. Considering a spike in Covid-19 cases, it is prudent that precautionary measures are taken,” an employee told The Midlands Observer.  

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