Conversion of Garandichauya beerhall to Covid-19 isolation screening centre nears completion

By News Editor 

Kwekwe City Council has said the conversion of Garandichauya beerhall to a Covid-19 screening centre has neared completion, and is set to be open to the public end of August the Midlands Observer reports.

 Director of Works John Mhike addressing councillors in a full council meeting on Tuesday said the facility will be ready by end of August. 

“The works to convert Garandichauya beerhall to a Covid-19 screening centre is now almost complete. We are seized with internal fittings, plumbing, and electrical fittings. That by end of August the works will be complete and the facility will be open to the public,”Mhike said. 

Earlier this year Kwekwe Mayor Angeline Kasipo said the council decided to convert the beerhall since there is no Infectiuos Diseases Control Centre. 
“We have turned Garandichauya Beerhall into a screening centre,” Kasipo said. 

Kasipo added that they had to use funds which they got from devolution funds. 

“The amount budgeted for the revamping of the screening facility is to the tune of ZWL 1, 8 million which we got from develution funds,” she said. 

Kwekwe City  Council Acting Town Clerk Lucia Mkandla recently told Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavhima that Kwekwe does not have an infectious disease control hospital. 

“We had to upgrade Garandichauya beerhall into an infectiuos disease control hospital. We have non here in Kwekwe in the event of a disaster we will find it difficult to control. We therefore, had to commission the former Garandichauya Beerhall into an infectious disease control facility, “she said.

The programme has been hampered by financial constraints. 

Meanwhile, Kwekwe is using Bell Medical Centre as a Covid-19 quarantine centre. This was after government orderd Covid-19 taskforces in the country not to use learning institutions. 

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