Redcliff residents snub Covid-19 testing

By Eugen Gumede

Redcliff residents largely ignored the call for a Covid-19 testing program which was rolled out by Redcliff Municipality, The Midlands Observer reports.

Redcliff was targeting to test 2000 residents; however, according to Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva the response was not encouraging.

“People did not turn out to the call as we expected following the raise of the number of people testing positive in Midlands,” he said.

Masiyatsva encouraged residents to respond to initiatives which are meant to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“It will be much appreciated if the communities respond positively to the Covid-19 testing program so we together can fight against this virus” Masiyatsva said.

Residents however, told this publication that fear had held them back to be tested.

They argued that they could not afford to be suspected to have Covid-19 symptoms as they would then be condemned to isolation facilities which are not in a very good shape.

“What kept some of us away from the process is fear. Once one is suspected to have the virus they will condemn you to isolation facilities which we have heard are not in very good shapes. We have heard reports of poor quarantine facilities for those who are coming outside the country, so one would not want to be taken to such facilities,” a resident said.

Other residents however, indicated that poor information dissemination from council kept some from the program.

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