Peter Moyo ventures into agriculture, mining

By Lesley Chihwata

Utakataka Express front man Peter Moyo is now focusing on agriculture and mining.

Moyo said the Covid-19 induced lockdowns have not spared the music industry-as musicians can no longer conduct lives shows.

The enterprising artist has decided to diversify into agriculture and mining.

He said he is utilizing his land in Zhombe, Sesombe for agriculture and in Mvuma where he is into mining.

.“Music has not been bringing out any financial benefits since the beginning of the national lockdown so l have now diversified into other ventures as I am now focusing  on farming and other projects ,” said Peter Moyo.

“I had to venture into some other projects since this Covid-19 pandemic had left a negative impact on our music careers. I am now into poultry rearing in Mbizo and l have a vibrant horticulture farming business in Sesombe which is performing quite well although it is still on its growing stage,” said Moyo.

The musician added that he has also ventured into mining.

 “I am also sponsoring some mining activities in Mvuma and l am expecting to receive more as compared to what l invested in that project,” he said.

Moyo recently paid the bride price for his long time sweetheart Caroline Mukamache.

 “We have been together for quite some time now and it is her l want to marry .I have been raising some money for the Lobola and over the weekend l was in Bulawayo with Caroline`s family and relatives, from which l was scheduled to pay the lobola, although l am to travel back this coming weekend to finish off the payment,” he said.

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