Kwekwe City regularize vendor operations

By Lesley Chihwata

Kwekwe City Council is currently working to regularize operations of vendors The Midlands Observer reports.

Acting Director of Health John Bandama said the local authority is working on regularizing vendors operations in the Central Business District (CBD).

Bandama said about 1000 traders have applied for some market spaces in the CBD.

“We have so far received about 1000 applications for market space but we are saying we cannot accommodate all of them hence there is need to construct or develop the existing structures to accommodate more ,” said Bandama.

He added that construction of new market stalls and renovation was ongoing as there where many council properties lying idle which are going to be converted into market stalls.

“Not everyone will be back in the CBD because our structures cannot accommodate the rest of the population hence we are trying to revive places like Amaveni Long Distance Bus terminus into a market stall. We have also converted council bars in Amaveni and Mbizo into flea market stalls so that we try and accommodate as much people as we can,” said Bandama.

The development comes at a time when the district taskforce is said to have raised an alarm at the way vendors were congesting Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre.

There are fears that Covid-19 regulations such as social distancing are not being followed by vendors who have seiged Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre.

Vendors are being informed to wait for proper stalls being constructed by the Government which will meet the required Covid-19 guidelines.  

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