Chivaviro son follows music footsteps

By William Milasi 

Gospel music runs in the blood of multiple award winning musician Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro, after his son Tinashe has followed in his footsteps.

The United States based teenager, Tinashe has proved himself a powerful music composer and lyricist as revealed from a family gospel album Musavasiye Jehovah Nissi. 

His sister and mother featured on the album.

 When one is listening to the 16 year old16-year-old’s offerings such as as Musavasiye, Nguva ya Mwari and Batanai Mawoko, there is an unmistakable resemblance with his father’s powerful voice-indeed the apple doesnt fall far from the tree in this case. After all according to Tinashe, “His father is his biggest inspiration.”

The teenager told this publication from his USA base that he ventured into music at a tender age as he proved himself to be a distinguished drummer. 

“I remember when i was 11 i really loved art and music, at the same time i was learning to pray drums at church. I was very interested in drums at church that when i was given an opportunity to learn drums or piano i chose drums,” he said. 

Speaking of his musical journey, he opined that his father was his greatest inspiration.

 Though, Tinashe listened to other musical genres, gospel proved to be close to his heart. 

Besides his father, he is also inspired by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, Benjamin Dube from South Africa and Apostle Wutawashe amongst amongst other ministers of the word. 

After spending his early life in South Africa were his father is based and attending South African Schools, the young Chivaviro at the age of 15 came back to Zimbabwe to start school at Waddilove High School in Marondera.

 “I moved to Waddilove in 2019. I cant explain the feeling of crossing the border and coming back home, it was quite an experience coming back home, it was a very great feeling,” he said.

 It was at Waddilove that Tinashe started to distinguish himself as a powerful musician. “I joined the School Band called Soldiers of Heaven. The band was formed by one of our senior teachers Patrick Nyawo. I also joined the school choir thats when i discovered that i could sing. I was really shocked when i discovered the talent and had to ask myself where was this hidden in all my life,” be quipped.

 His deep life philosophy is also informed by United State’s preacher Billy Graham. 

Bouyed by his new found singing talent, Tinashe went on to form his own band Gospel Vibes.

 “We want to make it a virtual band, since i am now based in the USA and some fellow band members are in Zimbabwe,” he said. Tinashe travelled to USA last year after attaining a scholarship. 

Meanwhile, Reverend Chivaviro said he is happy that his son is into music. “I am happy that he is following his heart, and is also in music. I however, do not force my children to follow my footsteps. They must follow their hearts,” he said.

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