Kwekwe Zupco bus operators on go-slow

By Lesley Chihwata

Kwekwe Zupco Drivers operating under the ZUPCO franchise are believed to have gone on a go-slow as a way to force government to review their daily commissions, leaving a lot of commuters stranded The Midlands Observer reports.

It is believed that Monday morning, Zupco buses were not operating in their usual schedule leaving commuters stranded.

The buses spent the greater part of the morning parked in the terminus at a time when snaking queues were forming in the rank.

“It was indeed a challenge for some of us to come to work today as the Zupco buses seemed not to be ferrying people to and from their destinations. Some of us had to walk from our areas of residences into the CBD as we could not board the expensive $15 RTGS or even more so called ‘mushika-shika,” a commuter told The Midlands Observer.

In an interview, one of the Zupco public operators who asked for anonymity commented that what they were getting was not enough hence the go slow till their daily commissions were revised and met.

“We will not continue our normal operations simply because we are not making enough on our day to day trips, hence till our daily commissions are revised and met we will be operating on a go-slow operation,” said the public operator.

“It seems we are now the ones subsidizing our buses ,we want the Government to increase our commissions at least to $15 000 per day,” said the operator.

Another operator confirmed the go slow.

“We are on a go slow operation, but we are avoiding to park all our buses since we do not have any other source of income ,what we are only asking for is for the Government to help us,” another operator told this publication.

ZUPCO Chief Executive officer Evaristo Mudangwe commented that he had not yet received any information from Kwekwe Zupco manager pertaining the go slow operation which is said to have started early today, so he was going to contact the Zupco manager to help him  take care of the situation.

“I had not yet received any information about the go-slow operation but l will get in contact with the Zupco manager to assist in handling the situation,” said Mudangwe.

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