Brutal murder for Mbizo business woman

… as she is shot by an enraged soldier lover

By Sheron Tazvivinga

A businesswoman from Mbizo who was having an extra marital affair was allegedly shot to death by her lover a soldier stationed at 5 Infantry Brigade over an unknown dispute The Midlands Observer reports.

Fungai Tendayi  Katsuro(37) was reportedly shot and killed by her lover  Brighton Matura (35) under unclear conditions.

According to a report by the ZRP Sanyati, the now deceased Katsuro had been involved in numerous fights and quarells with Mature over suspected infidelity issues.

However the reasons as to why she was shot still remain a mystery.

Katsuro who  is said to have been married to Keith Chidora who stays in Mbizo 1 extension the couple had  two children was running some businesses  at Nyimo Shopping Centre in Sanyati.

 Matura ,who has been a member of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) at the 5.1 Infantry Battalion , Battlefields is said to have  arrived on the 6th of July 2020 at Katsuro Shopping centre in his civilian attire armed with an AK47rifle.

According to Violent Sazunza (27) a shop keeper, the lovers spent the two days together in a jovial mood-after Matura had received an allowance from his workstation .

Around 0700hrs the following day Sazunza heard two gun shots coming from the Katsuro’ room.

She tried knocking but she did not get any response resulting in her having to push the door open.she  received the shock of her life after being welcomed by two lifeless bodies.

She alerted the Sanyati police who attended the scene.

Police reports have it that,Katsuro’s body was found lying naked on the bed and had gunshot wounds on her palm and right side of the head.

Matura , who after killing his lover shot himself on the throat and on the head.

“The scene was attended by CID and details from ZRP Sanyati. Deceased’s body was found lying naked on the bed facing downwards and her blankets and her blankets were soaked with blood. Deceased had gunshot wounds on the right palm and right side of the head. Her cellphone, a Huawei cell phone gold in colour was recovered. Accussed’s body was found lying on the floor in a pool of blood besides the bed facing western direction. His body had only a blue short trousers and nothing on the top was inspected and it had a gunshot wound on the throat and an opening on the skull. His right hand was holding the AK 47  rifle on the trigger guard,” police reports indicated.

The bodies were conveyed to Kadoma General Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem.

Investigations are in progress under Sanyati RRB number 4276649.

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