Transport operators demand review of commissions

By Lesley Chihwata

Operators who leased their buses and kombis are asking the government to review their daily commission and increase their commission by paying them at least RTGS $15 000 per day to at least allow them to earn a living.

Operators told this publication that they were getting peanuts from the Zupco deal.

“Our small commission that we are being given is not enough as the small omnibuses are making about RTGS $1000 per day while the buses are getting about RTGS $4000 per day which is not enough,” an operator said.

The operators added that government is the one benefiting from the day to day operation of the buses  whilst the hosts are not making much from the operation but rather seem to be helping the general public .

“It seems we are the ones abusing our buses whilst we not benefiting, we want the Government to pay us at least RTGS$15000 per day at least that would help us as a whole otherwise we cannot continue operating like this,” sources said.

Zupco Chief Executive Officer Evaristo Mudangwe said the operator was looking into the issue.

“I have heard their grievances pertaining to their commissions and they want the Government to assist them in earning at least just enough in which l will try to intercede on behalf of the crew,” said Mudangwe.

The operators are threating to park all their buses since they are not generating revenue.

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