Gweru based musician involved in accident

By Marlyin Dube

Gweru based Jazz musician and also a professional lawyer Wellington Davira known as Jazzy Jazz in the music circles was recently involved in an accident.

Davira was accompanying his pregnant wife Alletah Mubaiwa to a local hospital after she developed complications.

The Poshi hit maker, said he suffered minor injuries in the chest and ribs and he is still in shock as he feared for the worst since he avoided a head-on collision.

“As I was driving whilst my wife was seated at the backseat of the car and it was around 2am as I was coming out of a curve there was a sharp curve in front of me along a road called sunningdale.

“On that sharp curve a white car was accelerating and encroaching into my lane in trying to avoid it I went to my right whilst applying my brakes. I then got to some gravel and my car hit a bridge which was nearby,” he said.

The musician said the accident has given him a moment of introspection as it made him realise certain aspects of life.

“This accident contributed to the late release of my new single Poshi davira-Chakavira which is a party and spiritual song however with the grace of God I managed to release it,” he said.

Jazzy jazz has so far released two albums.

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