We are ready to replace MDC Alliance legislators

Staff Reporter

A United Kingdom based opposition leader has said his party is ready to replace ousted MDC Alliance MPs as the country’s main opposition party has shown a leadership dearth.

Leader of Ma’at Zimbabwe party Neferkare Nembaware said Zimbabweans have lost faith in both Zanu PF and MDC.

The leadership wrangle within MDC over the leadership of the opposition party has seen 12 representatives aligned to Nelson Chamisa being recalled from Parliament and the Senate.

“We as the Ma’at Zimbabwe party are firing our first shots towards 2023 by participating in the forthcoming by elections for recalled MDC MPs,” Nembaware said in an interview before adding, “There has been a lack of leadership in the MDC that has culminated in the current debacle. As for Zanu PF,the evidence is there for all to see.”

The opposition leader said his party was

 now positioned,  “to being the real opposition party in Zimbabwe.”

“Infact we dont like using the term opposition as it doesn’t do justice to describe who we are,this is why from the start we defined ourselves as the Visionary Party

“Essentially Ma’at Zimbabwe is an extremely independent party, we shun most alliances because we strongly believe in our vision for Zimbabwe and Afrika. Hence we are not part to Polad, CODE, MDC Alliance etc,we are a stand alone party and consistent in our stance. We are rooted in a strong Ma’at ubuntu(Pan Africanist) identity and by joining other parties or alliances we risk our identity being diluted,” he said.

He further explained that Zimbabweans have lost faith in the main party’s.

“Our chances are as good as the people of Zimbabwe are now realising the fact MDC nor Zanu PF, Polad,will take them to the promised land.You cannot keep flogging a dead horse and expect it to run.

“Its time for a paradigm shift in the collective psyche of Zimbabweans. Ma’at Zimbabwe is now the only party that can save our country from total implosion and Zimbabweans ought to rally behind us,” he said.

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