Pig lands farm hands in court

By Melissa Chikumba

In a bid to make quick easy cash two farm labourers stole their employers pig and sold it to a butchery owner for a measly USD$20.

Misheck Tina (21) and Trust Mandivadze (20) were arraigned before Kwekwe magistrate Florence Nago on 2 March 2020 facing charges of theft.

Tina and Mandivadze who are workers at Kahiti farm stole the pig from the farm and went on to sell it to a Gweru –based Butchery owner Leslord.

The two on 17 February 2020 stole the pig and sold it before sharing the money without the consent of the farm owner named Mahoha.

“Your worship, we took the pig because we had not been paid for the past three months so we had no option but to steal the pig,” said Tina.

They claimed they had gone for several months without receiving their $300 salaries so they claim they did not have food.

“Bear with us, Your Honor we were stranded and had gone for three months without our salaries so we did not have any food,” said Mandivadze.

The pig allegedly cost $1540 and the meat was recoverd.

They pleaded guilty and were asked to pay $200 each fine.

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