Muodza dreams big in fashion designing

By Melissa Chikumba

Tendai Muodza (22) has fought all odds in climbing the ladder of becoming a successful fashion designer and owner of Tindo Designs.

Muodza who at a tender age dreamt of being a successful designer has stormed the fashion industry with her combined creative expertise and intends to make wonders.

She at a tender age dreamt of becoming a designer.

“Growing up with my mom as a tailor l enjoyed experimenting with styles to create my own unique, it was my dream to become a bigger version of her,” said Muodza.

She recently dazzled fashion enthusiasts at King Solomon Hotel where she held her fashion show.

She is a student at Chinhoyi University of technology and studying Bachelor of Science in Clothing, Fashion and Design Honors Degree program.

She intends to formalize Tindo designs online so as to make the brand familiar.

“I am set to formalizing Tindo Designs online so as to make my brand familiar and l would like to host many other fashion shows all over Zimbabwe,” said Muodza.

She was born and bred in Kwekwe and attended Fitchlea Primary school went on to Guinea Fowl High for her Advanced Level.

“I plan to grow Tindo designs into a benchmark for African fashion making, occasionally l look up and see how far l have gone and it inspires me to keep me moving and l feel l am making a difference in the local fashion sector,” she said.

She said his family has been supportive throughout her journey.

“I would like to appreciate all the efforts that my family has done for me, espececially my mom who allowed me to take fashion and designing at a varsity level which is despised by a lot of people,” she said.

She encouraged fellow youth in the community to work hard to wake up from the dream and start working the dream no matter what people would say.

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