Malnutrition afflicts children in Kwekwe

By Staff Reporter
Drought which is seriously ravaging some parts of Midlands has had adverse effects on children as it is reported that some children in Kwekwe District have succumbed to malnutrition.
A top government official in Kwekwe has said urgent intervention is needed to arrest the situation with prospects looking bleak especially for children.
Kwekwe District Development Coordinator Fortune Mupungu said though government through social welfare is disrbusing food aid in rural parts of Kwekwe District and also with efforts being complemented by some Non Government Organisations the food security situation in the district remains critical due to an impending drought which has given rise to crop failure.
“The situation is affecting mostly children,” Mupungu told Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima during his tour of Zibagwe Rural District Council recently.
“I have heard reports from the Ministry of Health that so far we have 15 children who have been affected by malnutrition in our hospitals,” he said.
Mupungu said interventions are being made to ensure food security but more still needs to be done.
“Social Welfare is distributing food aid in 14 wards. Whilst 19 other wards are being covered by the World Food Program with Red Cross also covering 19 wards,” Mupungu said.
However, despite the interventions Mupungu indicated that more needs to be done.
“The major challenge is that the food aid being distributed is not enough,” he said.
Most crops in Kwekwe district according to Mupungu are a complete write off following crop failure caused by inadequate rains in the district which covers Kwekwe Urban, Silobela, Zhombe and some resettlement areas.
“The crop situation is very terrible. Most crops are a write off. Of the 33 wards under Zibagwe Rural District Council only 3 wards according to Agritex Reports are registeringa potential for grain harvest. People are in urgent need of food aid,”  he said.
One of the Councillors from Zibagwe Rural Council Willard Moyo said some people are now having a single meal a day.
“The situation is dire as some people are now having a single meal a day. Some are even sleeping on empty tummies. There is an urgent need for an intervention in the situation,” Moyo said in an interview.

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