Gvt steps in to assist hailstorm destroyed schools 

By Rumbidzayi Parira

Government has donated money for the rebuilding of Silobela schools that were destroyed by hail storms last December.

Kwekwe District Administrator Fortune Mupungu confirmed that Musilahove and Sidingulwazi schools received $9000 from devolution funds for their development.

“Musilahove and Sidingulwazi received RTGS$9000 from devolution funds for their development since they were destroyed by hail storms around November to December last year,” said Mupungu.

He said building material has already been bought and sent to the respective schools that are currently in a state of dilapidation.

Kwekwe City Council according to Mupungu is assisting in the refurbishment of schools in Zhombe in a similar predicament.

Kwekwe District Public works head Willard Madamombe however advised headmasters to maintain their schools so as to avoid their structures from being weakened and easily destroyed by such natural disasters as hail storms.

He advised them to use steel trusses in building the new blocks as wooden ones that were previously used can be destroyed by termites hence weakening the structures.

“Headmasters are advised through the ministry of education to maintain their schools to withstand such disasters. Steel trusses should be used because wooden ones are easily destroyed by termites which weakens the structures,” said Madamombe.

This comes after several Zhombe and Silobela schools were destroyed by hail storms last December leaving teachers and students stranded.

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