Five soldiers assault civilian over woman

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A 26 year old Kwekwe man suffered severe injuries after he was allegedly assaulted by five members of the Zimbabwe National Army who are said to have  beaten him to a  pulp   following a misunderstanding over a woman.
Takemore Mbano was allegedly severely  assaulted by one Eluwin Mugoni and four other soldiers he could not identify.
The assault took place sometime in February in Newtown, Kwekwe after Mugoni assumed that Mbano was cheating with his girlfriend and were using a mobile cellphone as a cover up.

Mbano whose case is being handled by Anthony Chihiya of Makonese, Mataka and Chambati Attorneys at law made a police report at Kwekwe Central Police Station under case number CR KK139/01/2020 after the alleged assault.
 According to a medical report in the possession of The Midlands Observer Mbano suffered severe injuries to his ears, back, head and eyes.

In an interview with this publication, Mbano said he was not in a relationship with Mugoni’s girlfriend but had been given the mobile phone by the woman to fix it as it was having technical problems.
However, he said this was misinterpreted by Mugoni leading to the said assault.
 As a result the assailants took it upon themselves to punish  Mbano as a way to keep him away from Mugoni’s girlfriend, he said.
“I was beaten and almost left for dead by Mugoni and four other soldiers following a misunderstanding over a cellphone. Mugoni assumed that I was having an affair with his girlfriend yet in actual fact she was my customer. I was repairing her mobile phone,” said Mbano.
 Mbano said  he was beaten and tortured for three hours.
“They started beating me from 10am till 1300 hours threatening to kill me in the process,” he said.
He said Mugoni and his accomplices took his Tecno mobile phone.

After the brutal assault , Mbano had to seek medical attention at Kwekwe General Hospital.
 According to police reports, the assailants used sticks and clenched fists.
Mbano said the assault has incapacitated him as he can no longer work.
“Due to  reduced hearing ability I can’t go to work anymore because I cant stand too much noise. I can’t stand or walk for long because of the backache which has rendered me unable to work anymore,” he said.
 Legal papers prepared by Mbano’s lawyer Chihiya showed that efforts to engage with the accused were fruitless as he evaded prosecution.
 “It has come to our attention that Eluwin Mugoni who is purpoted to be out of Kwekwe on official duty is still in Kwekwe and never went out of Kwekwe as alleged. To therefore suggest that the accused is not in Kwekwe is not true and the informant is working in cahoots with the accused to evade prosecution. The accused did not go to any official duty as alleged,” read the papers.
The documents went on to highlight that the police were turning a blind eye on the matter as they are reluctant to investigate further.
“It is our considered view that the police are given misleading information and are reluctant to investigate the matter,” said Chihiya.

They further said Mugoni’s superior’s on the 14th of February 2020 Sergeant Idi Moyo and Lieutenant Chiutare went to the law firm seeking forgiveness on behalf of Mugoni. Mugoni it is said in the presence of his superiors handed back the cellphone which he had forcefully took from Mbano.

Mbano said his only plea is that the five be brought to book for their actions as well as compensate him.

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