Economic challenges stall Kwekwe City solar project

By Sheron Tazvivinga

Economic challenges affecting the country have stalled progress on the solar project which was being pursued by Kwekwe City Council.

Kwekwe City Director of Works John Mhike said financial constraints were making it difficult to pursue the project.

Council last year resolved to introduce solar street lights due to the continuous power cuts.

The inclement economic situation has seen Kwekwe failing to purchase the street lights as projected.

Mhike said  the lights were now being  pegged at $50 000 each.

This has become a challenge for the financially hamstrung council as it had set aside $43 000 for the project.

“We are trying but we are failing due to the current economic situation in the country. Currently the lights are now going for $50 000 each which is quite a challenge for the council,” he said.

As a result the council is waiting for government to release devolution funds to start financing the project.

“So far we haven’t received any devolution funds but once we receive them they will be penciled towards this project.

“The money that was targeted for the project will then be used to maintain public lights in different areas while we wait for the devolution funds to be released,” said Mhike.

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