14year old tries to commit suicide over leftovers

By Lesley Chihwata

A 14 year old boy from Mbizo 4 Extension attempted to commit suicide after he was whipped by his stepmother for eating left over food.

The boy (name withheld) was rescued by a neighbor after he had hanged himself from the roof of their family home.

The boy according to neighbours came back from church around 1400hours and ate his step sibling`s leftovers  as he was hungry.  

The stepmother after realizing that the boy had eaten the leftovers  beat him up with tree lashes.

“We saw her plucking some tree branches which she used in beating the little boy. After some minutes we saw the child running outside crying, and screaming,” said one of the neighbors who requested anonymity.

When the child was asked why he was crying he told the neighbors that he had been beaten for eating some leftovers.

“Moments later we saw the step mother getting out of the house with her children and left the keys under the mat in case the little boy decided to come back home. After she had left that’s when the little boy came home and got the keys and went inside,” said Paul Murondi one of the neighbors .

The child is believed to have taken a rope from his father`s cabinet where he keeps his tools and tried to tie himself over the unfinished celling. One of the neighbors managed to stop the child after going on to check up on him since he had heard the child screaming.

“I had gone to check up on the boy since the mother had gone out. l had heard the child screaming and crying,” said one of the neighbors.

The stepmother when contacted for comment appeared shocked and failed to give an audible comment.

An effort to get a comment from the boy’s father proved fruitless by the time of going to print.

 Police is since investigating the case.

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