Traditional leader says children born out of incestuous relationships must be put to death

By Staff Reporter

A Zhombe Chief Samuel Samambwa has said children born out of incestuous relationships must be put to death so as to avoid the visitation of misfortunes not only in communities but also in the country.

 In most African cultures, it is taboo for one to be intimate with a close relative let alone one’s mother or daughter or vice versa.

Being intimate with one’s own blood relation is referred to as incest.

Despite the taboo associated with incest, some people are engaging in incestuous relationships resulting in birth of off springs.

It is such off springs which Chief Samambwa told First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa that they must be put to death.

Chief Samambwa had been given an opportunity to respond to the issue on such taboo relationships on the launch of The Midlands Province Integrated Environmental on Monday by the First Lady.

“A child who is born from an incestuous relationship is a taboo that person doesn’t have a lineage or roots as he is from the same blood.

“Even if they are to have a family of their own such people will still be a taboo they will still not have roots, even before God,” he said.

In the yesteryears Samambwa said off springs used to be put to death.

“In the yester year’s people born of such relationships were supposed to be killed.

“If we kill such people it means we will not continue to have such a lineage. These people are a taboo. It’s not good for our society such people must be killed, having them in our midst create serious problems for our communities. Even fellow traditional leaders agree with me on that,” he said.

Meanwhile, the First Lady however, said killing is against the law and must not be condoned.

“We must get those individuals arrested who are involved in such relationships. We must report rapists in our midst and we must condemn early child marriages as it is against the law,” she said.

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