Severe challenges cripple Kwekwe General Hospital operations

By Sheron Tazvivinga

Kwekwe General Hospital is faced with severe food shortages and vital oxygen gas tanks it has emerged.

Medical Superintendent Patricia Mapanda speaking at a

Civil Protection Unit (CPU) recently said the hospital is no longer able to provide oxygen for the patients.

Shortages of oxygen has left patients stranded.

“There are shortages of oxygen tanks at the hospital this is an issue which calls for concern as most of our patients need oxygen and we are facing challenges to meet that need,” Mapanda reiterated.

In medical parlance, oxygen is a gas required in every health care setting.

It is used for resuscitation and inhalation therapy among a variety of things which include providing life support for artificially ventilated patients.

It also aids cardiovascular stability.

Mapanda has called for the government to step in.

 “We are calling for assistance in this area as our tanks are no longer adequate to cater for our inmates,” she told stakeholders.

Meanwhile, the hospital is also plagued with severe food shortages.

Patients it has been gathered are starving.

Some of the patients said they are being fed on sadza and cabbages for days on end.

“We go for days and even months feeding on sadza and cabbage and sometimes beans the diet is very poor,” he said.

Mapanda has appealed for assistance from the corporate world so as to deal with the crises faced at the facility.

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