Kwekwe Councillors on warpath with State Security Minister over brick making plant

By Staff Reporter

Kwekwe City Council is set on a collision path with State Security Minister Owen Ncube over ownership of a brick making plant.

The plant in question Brickfield it has been gathered was leased to Ncube in 2006 under the private-public-partnership.

The MDC dominated council however, now wants the deal to be reversed so that council will be the one to operate the facility.

Speaking in a full council meeting recently Mayor Angeline Kasipo said council was going to engage lawyers so as to map the way forward on the paper work.

The issue according to councillors was presenting a legal headache as the lease agreement according to council officials cannot be located.

“We are left with no choice but to approach council lawyers on how best we can deal with the situation. We have to be guided accordingly on how we can deal with the issue since it was resolved by the then council to lease the property,” Kasipo told councillors.

Councillors are demanding that the resolution which was made over a decade ago must be rescinded so that the council will be allowed to operate the facility.

“A resolution is very binding and it doesn’t matter on the period in which it was made. The challenge is now that council is failing to locate documentation of the resolution. In that regard we need legal advice on how best we can handle the issue,” Deputy Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa said.

Matters came to a head last month after the Finance Committee chaired by Councillor Silas Mukaro told councillors that there was need for council to make a way forward on the issue.

“We cannot continue sending back the matter to the finance committee it is the responsibility of the full council to deal with the matter. We have to come up with a resolution on how we can deal with the Brickfield issue,” Mukaro said.

Mukario’s outbursts came after Acting Town Clerk Lucia Mkandla had told councillors that they could not find the lease agreement.

“The lease agreement might have been misplaced as we have been looking for it but we can’t find it,” Mkandla said to the chagrin of councillors.

Tobaiwa dismissed the Acting Town Clerk’s statement as preposterous.

“How come a document will just disappear in the council’s offices? That is not plausible,” said Tobaiwa.

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