Starving rural families forcing young girls into prostitution

By Irvine Dube

Starving families in rural areas are forcing young girls to be engaged in child prostitution as a survival means it has emerged.

Addressing a 50-50 campaign in Silobela recently Ward 30 councillor Idirashe Dongo said families are now forcing young girls into prostitution and early child marriages as a way of fending for the families.

Dongo further added that they have been an upsurge in school dropouts and girls are the usual victims.

“Most victims of child marriages are failing to proceed with their education because there is a lack of funding,” Dongo said.

She castigated the habit amongst families of forcing girls into early marriages and prostitution as a survival means.

The major culprits Dongo said are artisanal miners who operate in the area.

“Girls are forced by their guardians to depend on gold panners who usually have a tendency of luring young girls with money so as to use them for sexual gratification,” she said.

Dongo further said the issue of domestic violence has reached alarming levels.

The violence the councillor said is affecting both males and females.

“It’s not always women who are victims of domestic violence even man are also victims. The tragedy is that less attention is paid when a man is victimised,” she said.

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