MDC top leadership blocked from Chegutu council

By Staff Reporter

The top leadership in Nelson Chamisa led MDC was Friday blocked entrance to access Chegutu Town Council by management at the council it has emerged.

The country’s main opposition party is touring councils which fall under its authority.

MDC national spokesperson Daniel Molokeli told journalists in Kwekwe were Chamisa was supposed to wrap up his tour of Mashonaland West and Midlands councils that the oppsotion delegation was denied entry at Chegutu council where they were supposed to tour council projects.

Chamisa was later on expected to address councillors from Midlands in Redcliff but instead sent his Secretary for Presidential Affairs Morgan Komichi.

‘‘There is a presidential delegation that was thwarted in Chegutu which was led by the Secretary of Presidential Affairs (Morgan Komichi),” said Molokeli who didn’t divulge the reasons for denial to access Chegutu.

Sources however, indicated that doors were closed for the delegation by a security guard at Chegutu council.

“The delegation failed to gain access at Chegutu after doors were closed on them by a security guard. The security guard we learnt was acting on instructions,” sources said.

Sources had claimed that Chamisa was actually the one who had doors on him-a notion refuted by Molokeli.

“The President did not travel so Komichi was the one leading the delegation. The President has excused himself and apologized but Komichi is representing the president. The president is the one who is supposed to tour the municipalities in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Komichi confirmed that though the party is in control of the local authorities it is encountering restrictions from the governing party.

“We have been fighting Zanu Pf for the last 20 years and we have defeated them. The fact that we have 28 councillors in urban local authorities out of 32 it shows that we have defeated them. The fact that we are seated here today talking about local government issues we have defeated them.

“The fact that they have given in to some extent to allow u to move around as to see the projects being done by MD councils shows we have defeated them,” he said.

Komichi added that Zanu PF is however, using its political muscle to interfere in the opposition’s operations.

“They could interfere in our tours because they are the ones with state power they have CIOs and the police force,” Komichi complained.

He further added that councils are failing to fully function because of central government’s failure.

“They cannot perform outside the national economy; it is collapsing which is the responsibility of the central government.

“The fact that the local government is part of the economic units therefore, they are also affected by what is happening in the economy, the council are supposed to be financed from the central government they don’t get enough money.

“Some of the revenue sources which they use to get like ZINWA to starve the local government of resource.

“They also introduced ZINARA to starve the local government of revenue resources and there is no economic activity in the country people are not working at all in this country,” he said.

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