Parliamentarian says reclamation of gold mine by investor a welcome development

By Staff Reporter 

A parliamentarian has said the court order barring Zanu PF big wigs from occupying a Kwekwe gold mine and its eventual reclamation by its rightful owners is a welcome development.

Scores of illegal miners allegedly fronted by former Zanu PF Mbizo Legislator, Vongai Mupereri grabbed the mine.

“The court order barring illegal occupation of Gaika Mine by senior Zanu PF leaders is welcome,” outspoken Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya said in an interview.

Following the seizure of the mine Kwekwe was transformed into a citadel of violence and in extreme cases murder.

“The return of the Mine to its rightful owners has brought down high levels of criminal activities including murder and machete violence associated with illegal mining found home at Gaika Mine,” he said.

In late April government sealed the mine and deployed police and army details to keep out the illegal gold panners.

However, despite the presence of the security personnel they had been reports of midnight looting spree of gold ore from the mine.

In recent weeks following the reclamation of the gold mine they have been relative peace as the place is now manned by a private security company and the army.

 Recently well known American Economist and currency expert, Steve Hanke, said the invasion of Gaika Mine was an example  of how property right were being  violated in Zimbabwe by top-Zanu PF and government officials.

In his address at the CATO Institute, Hanke said for 14 months since the invasion of the mine in the Midlands around 80 people were killed whilst US $100 million worth of gold ore had been looted from the mine.

Chikwinya claimed international pressure forced the governing party out of the mine not out of its own will.

“The government and in particular the executive as comprised of the ruling elite has never respected property rights and has no capacity to do so.

“The respect of the court ruling in the case of Gaika was actually out of international pressure,” Chikwinya said, before further alleging that the owners had to cede some shares to top party officials.

Meanwhile, Midlands provincial Affairs Minister, Larry Mavhima since absolved the governing party and President Emmerson Mnangagwa form any activities at the mine.

“Zanu PF and the President have no role in Gaika Mine. People must not use the party and the President’s name a well for their own benefit.

“We are talking about property rights which are being violated. We cannot watch that anarchy prevailing. It’s not acceptable,” said Mavhima.

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