NAC urges cervical cancer screening amongst women

By Sibusisiwe Ngulube

The National Aids Council (NAC) has urged women to be screened for cervical cancer.

NAC District Aids Co-coordinator (DAC) Catherine Karimanzira in an interview with the Midlands Observer encouraged women to be screened for cervical cancer.

“Women must be screened for cervical cancer and they must also know the correct and consistent usage of condoms and vaccination so as to fight cervical cancer,” urged Karimanzira.

She added that it has also being discovered that smoking and using one pad for more than 3 hours during menstruation has become a rapid push factor for cervical cancer in ladies.

NAC is currently running a programme, ‘Prevent Cervical Cancer, Get Screened.’

Karimanzira said that it has been discovered that cervical cancer has become and is the most common cancer amongst women in Africa.

According to statistics women are being affected by cervical cancer at a very young age.

Karimanzira said that about 33.4% of young women are suffering from cervical cancer.

Since it occurs on the mouth of the womb it is a virus called Human Papillomavirus which is sexually transmitted mostly.

“It is alarming to realize that 80% of women might be affected with the virus in their life time, but symptoms and signs will not occur instantly, hence can take 10-20 years before it is discovered,’ she said.

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