Kwekwe residents petition minister Moyo over supplementary budget

By William Milasi

Kwekwe residents who are resisting the adoption of a supplementary budget which was recently adopted by the council have petitioned Local Government Minister July Moyo to stop the implementation of the tariff charge sheet.

Council last week resolved to proceed with their plans to effect a 300% increase on rates, something that has been vehemently opposed by rate payers.

The MDC led council has angered residents who feel they are being overburdened by the local authority that has exacerbated the situation through poor prioritization.

Kwekwe Residents and Rate Payers Development Association (KRRA) in a petition which is set to be deposed to minister July Moyo said, “The local authority adopted a supplementary budget without following an inclusive an consultative process.”

Residents have expressed unhappiness with the council.

“The approval of the supplementary budget came against our objections of the same on the 1st of July 2019. We objected the budget citing that the increments were too high and also that we are not happy with the local authority’s financial management. More to the point we requested an audit which is yet to be done.”

The resident’s representative group further expressed dismay on how they were excluded from the budget process.

The resident’s association further claimed that council took the resident’s input on partisan lines.

“Only 70 people selected by the councillors in their wards attended the meeting, which is not a fair sample of the city. Again, the 7 people were selected on political party grounds which left out key stakeholders.

“The local authority only gave copies of the budget to councillors who distributed the budget on party lines,” read the petition.

Meanwhile, the residents association Secretary General Alex Homela said there is no justification on the increase of the budget.

“The supplementary budget will cause untold suffering to residents considering the cost of living in view of the existing soci-economic challenges facing the country,” he said.

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