Gweru city threatens to gun down stray dogs

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- GweruCity Council has threatened to gun down stray dogs if the Society for Prevention to Cruelty of Animals (S.P.C.A) fails to act on the dogs within the next 30 days.

GCC Director of Health Samson Sekenhamo said the city is worried with cases of rabies in the city caused by the stray dogs.

“The cases of dog bites are now worrisome as people are continuously reporting dog bite cases. We could have carried the exercise at the first tie up order meeting but S.P.C.A said needed time to trap the dogs but we still concerned because a number of dogs are still being seen our there roaming the streets.

“We will give you 30 days to go ahead again with the trapping of the stray dogs but after that any dog we see roaming will be shot because public health is now of concern ,we cannot  leave people to be attacked while we know we can do something because one dose of the antidote is going for US$50.

“Any suspected case of rabies reported while you conduct your trapping exercise we won’t hesitate to shoot the dogs. So our guys will help make more traps as per your request,” added Sekenhamo.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National S.P.C.A inspector Simabarashe Karumbidza said the organisation values the lives of people despite their policy which prohibited the killing of animals on site.

“As S.P.C.A we value human life and we are also concerned about reported cases of dog bites because public health is of concern. Only that our policies don’t allow direct shooting of animals onsite because that’s inhuman.

“Council should establish a pound and its pound master so that the stray animals can be taken their first and later be auctioned. The problem we having in taking donkeys now is we don’t have grazing land for them and that need to be worked on

“On our first tie up order we managed to catch 11 dogs and 25 puppies and we are saying that’s not enough because we need more manpower and traps so that we trap even more. Yes it’s an achievement to us as S.P.C.A but we believe more need to be done that why we continue to engage council on the matter,” said Karumbidza.

Addressing the full council meeting  recently, Ward 6 Councillor ,Jefta Zvidzai said donkeys were causing a lot of havoc in Mkoba as residents were complaining over properties and vegetable destruction saying the owners were letting the animals scot free.

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