Gvt calls local authorities, DDC’s to work together

By Sheron Tazvivinga

Midlands Provincial Administrator (PA) Abiot Muronge has urged local authorities and the District Development Committee (DDC) to work in unison to necessitate local economic development.

He made this remark in Redcliff while addressing committee members at the recently held Kwekwe DDC training workshop.

Muronge said local authorities and the DDC should work together to promote economic growth in the district in line with the 2030 national vision.

“DDC has to work together with the three districts to support the country’s economic vision,” he said.

The three local authorities in Kwekwe District are Kwekwe City Council, Zibagwe Rural District Council and Redcliff Municipality.

As a poverty reduction measure Muronge encouraged innovation within the three local authorities.

He also called for the adoption of economic-friendly policies within the councils so as to support local economic development.

“Local authority policies should be economic friendly instead of them being stumbling blocks which will then hinder progression as far as economic development is concerned,” Muronge said.

Meanwhile, Muronge has called on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) not only to sign Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) at national level but also at local level so that they can work in collaboration with local authorities in driving vision 2030.

The PA noted that the DDC has not been functioning optimally thus the need for the committee to meet continuously and review issues that are affecting the people’s livelihoods.

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