Govt breathes fire: threatens to descend on businesses trading in USD

By Sheron Tazvivinga

Government has threatened to descend heavily on businesses trading in United States Dollars.

Government last month outlawed the use of foreign currency in trading.

Home Affairs Minister Cain Mathema issued a strong warning to retailers who are demanding United States Dollars for trading.

“It is illegal,” Mathema said of the retailers trading in US dollars.

The police boss issued a strong warning that government was going to descend on the, “unscrupulous retailers.”

“Retailers caught doing so will face the full wrath of the law.”

Government has recently outlawed the use of multiple of 2019 in line with the Statutory Instrument (SI) 142 2019 known as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe regulation.

However, despite the scraping off of the multi-currency in the market for local transactions, some private retailers in Kwekwe continue to peg prices of goods and services against the value of the US dollar.

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