Council to establish commercial boreholes

…as Water crisis looms, Gwenhoro dam deteriorates to 18%. Capacity

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- city council (GCC) says 20 commercial boreholes will be established in the city as the water capacity at Gwenhoro dam deteriorates to 18%.

The drilling of boreholes comes as an alternative to ease the water woes being faced by the city as additional pumps are required for an alternative pumping station at Amapongokwe.

Speaking at a full council meeting last week, Gweru Council Town Clerk, Elizabeth Gwatipedza said the water levels which were recently recorded at Gwenhoro dam were now at a critical stage.

“The issue of water needs urgent attention which requires, as Management we engaged institutions and banks such as Unki-Mines and Mimosa seeking financial assistance towards procurement of the required pumps. We are now seeking for donations to ease the situation as we need an alternative pumping station at Amapongonkwe

“IDBZ  bank promised to drill 20 boreholes for us to help avert the situation while Unki said they might lease an old pump for us .so our engineers are going to assess and see the pump first”she said.

Gweru Mayor, JosaiahMakombe said only two out of the five pumps were the ones working in the supply of the city’s water.

“Only two pumps out of the five are the ones working in supplying water to the city as the other three are currently down. We want the boreholes to be put in place as soon as possible before Gwenhoro completely dries up  because water is life .Currently the Gwenhoro has deteriorated to 18 %   and otherwise we might have a crisis, so people must know that we the solution to the water problem

The city is also making frantic efforts for the procurement of two Amapongokwe pumps and the price for a single pump is estimated at plus or minus US$500 000” said Makombe.

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