Wife demands spousal support from ‘stingy’ hubby

By SibusisiweNgulube

A disgruntled wife ran to the courts for help after claiming that her husband an employee of Redcliff Municipality was neglecting her.

Linah Moyo is claiming $200 as spousal maintenance from husband.

Moyo stood before magistrate Story Rushambwa said she was legally married to Jonas Dube who she claims is failing to take care of her although they are living together.

Moyo listed down the purposes of the money as she indicated that $75 is for groceries, $50 for clothing, $40 for medical services since she has eye sight problems and $40 for holiday provisions.

Applicant further supported her demands by providing her husband’s pay slip which had a net of $300 and if back pays are included it amounted to $700, more so the couple stays at a municipal house, thus meaning they do not pay rent or rates.

Moyo said that, “he does not give me money to support myself, nor buy food at home, thus why l have decided to apply for maintenance.”

However, the respondent disputes what the applicant had said revealing that “my monthly salary is $270 and l do take care of her together with her mother whom we stay with under my own roof. She is also the one who stays with my account credit card.”

Magistrate Story Rushambwa suggested the couple share their salary by half since they are married.

Hence, it was taken into consideration that Dube also has his elderly mum who needs his support so the spouse maintenance was reduced to $60 per month.

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