Missing man found decomposed

Observer Reporter

A man who went missing on the 30th of April 2019 was found dead with his body in a decomposing state six days later.

Mbizo residents woke up in shock on Monday morning after the body was found with its head dipped in sewage water in a culvert near Sambayi Bottlestore.

Relatives of the deceased man, employed by Zimasco, Benjamin Muzari (51) had to conduct a night vigil on Monday, at the spot he was found as the police failed to remove the body on time.

According to Muzari’s brother, Claudious Makovere, the deceased is said to have visited his girlfriend only identified as Barbra who works at Musopero Night Club.

“We then heard the two had a misunderstanding over an undisclosed matter the same day that he disappeared. We feel that the woman concerned could have answers to what really transpired leading to my brother’s death,” he said.

Upon visiting Musopero this news crew was told that the lady in question had resigned and her whereabouts are unknown.

The body was taken fpr postmortem to Bulawayo but pathologists failed to determine the cause of death due to the decomposed state. He was buried in Serima area, Gutu on Thursday.

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