Jah Dealer on the rise

By Irvine Dube
Afro-fusion has lately been an appealing music genre in Zimbabwe’s entertainment industry with the youths jamming to it’s vibes in nightlife moments courtesy of local artists such as the Military Touch heavyweights ExQ & the singing sensation Nutty O who managed to bridge in the gap for other rising stars at their concerts. Meanwhile, the city of Kwekwe has seen a couple artists rise to the challenge with some adding a little bit of taste to the musical cuisine.
Attuned to what is transpiring in his surroundings, a young protégé who was born and raised as Simon Kanyemba (aged 20) hence known in the streets as Jah Dealer has been laying the groundwork with a different gospel-sound for the past three years.
The artist who already has four albums on his resume recently dropped his fifth LP titled ‘ Ndirimunana ’ on the 5th of April 2019 with the track single ‘ Ndiri Minana ’ featuring upcoming artist Snatcher, being one of the prominent songs part of the package. The newly released project was launched at the God Is Able Pentecostal church with the man of the moment being the guest artist at the gathering .
Jah Dealer has released the following albums before his recent breakthrough titled, Upenyu (2016), Mwari VanondiGuida (2017), with two other projects from last year, ‘ Hope Dzandorota ’ and ‘ Ndodawo Zvangu ’ respectively thus he was not given enough attention by Kwekwe’s music landscape hence his passion for the melodies drove him further into not giving up on his aspirations.
Kanyemba who resides in Mbizo 2 extension cites Guspy Warrior whose father Mechanic Manyeruke is a gospel legend, as one of his major influences (call it a bonafied combination of fusing rhythms artistry). He goes on to say “ The reason why ma artists asingasimuki mu game inyaya yekuti marketing strategy yemuKwekwe yakadhakwa hakuna mari and imwe nyaya ndeyekuti vanhu vanenge vachitifungira zvisiriizvo nokuda kwedressing yatinenge takapfeka… ” meaning that the music marketing in Kwekwe is in shambles due to lack of capital to keep the business afloat hence local artists bear the brut of the outcome and also the other reeling issue in new-age society is ‘ stereotyping ’ resulting in artists not getting enough recognition in the entertainment field.
Hopefully 2019 will be a good year for Jah Dealer and his music image opens multiple music gates on his road to redemption.

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