Extra lessons costs ‘teacher’ $100

By Sibusisiwe Ngulube

Conducting extra lessons proved costly for a Midlands State University Psychology student who appeared before Kwekwe courts facing   charges of operating without a license.

Spencer Guchai (32) pleaded not guilty before magistrate Story Rushambwa but the court found him on the wrong side hence fined him $100.

Guchai in his defence told the court that he was assisting under priviledged children catch up with their studies.

 “I was not conducting lessons or teaching children, rather I was helping students who are less privileged and those who would need assistance before they sit for their ordinary level. It was a study group,” he said.

According to state papers Guchai was arrested at the Mbizo Constituency Parliamentary office in Mbizo Section 12 where he said he was given permission to use by Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya.

“Detectives found me with my students and actually one student was presenting on commerce. I strongly disagree that I had anything to do with politics talk or urging people to open accounts and receive money from any political party,” said Guchai.

The court further asked Guchai if he was aware of committing three crimes “conducting lessons when you do not have license, making students pay for lessons which he had denied earlier on, saying the parents and guardians of the students would give him money when they get it as a token of appreciation and thirdly for having private lessons when he was a qualified or trained teacher,” said magistrate Rushambwa.

According to the police, Guchai made or required students to pay $15 per month for the lessons.

One student (name withheld) told the court that Guchai assisted them with private lessons on subjects such as mathematics, English language, Commerce, Geography, Science and shone. She said that they were expected to pay $15 per month or if they failed they could pay  whenever they got the money.

Guchai was warned to be careful and do things as the law require, the magistrate pointed out that he was not even a teacher by profession but was poisoning students with his information.

Magistrate asked him to pay a fine of $100 failure to do so he will be imprisoned for 3 months.

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