Co tenants in court over child errands

Court Reporter

 Two co-tenants who could not solve their misunderstanding took it to court before magistrate Vimbai Mtukwa.

The matter raised eyebrows at the court after one of the tenants made an application to the court this week seeking an order to forbid the other one from sending her children on different errands without her approval.

Paradzirai Mpofu a mother of three children applied for protection order against her tenant Angela Mpofu as she is not pleased with her co-tenant’s behavior.

The two are not related.

“Mbizo 18 is not a safe place to send minor children to shops especially with this situation of machetes and gold panners roaming around, worse more sometimes she sends them at night. I am not comfortable with it and demand an immediate stop to it,” said Paradzirai.

She also raised a number of concerns which led her to seek protection order saying Angela does not only  send her children to the shops as she once assaulted one of the children and scolded her with unbearable vulgar language.

“Furthermore my minor 3 year old child no longer listens to me and he says vulgar language singing vulgar words,” she told the court.

Respondent did not deny that she would send applicant’s children without her approval, though denies the vulgar part and ever assaulting her child.

A 1 year peace order was granted to Paradzirai as she was warned to do away with sending the minors to the shops may it be in the afternoon nor late hours. She was also ordered not to teach the children vulgar words or even assaulting them.

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