Business calls for National Credit Policy

Observer Reporter
Government should put in place legislation that protects itself and businesses from bad debtors.
The clarion call was made by businessman, Solomon Matsa at a Business Economic and Empowerment Forum (B.E.E.F) recently held at Golden Mile, Kwekwe.
Matsa said B.E.E.F is pushing for a National Credit Policy which will force debtors to honour their dues as a way of bolstering the economy.
“As a nation we need a National Credit Policy because people do not want to pay their debts, they are only good at borrowing,” he said.
He added that these debtors have crippled the country especially by not paying back to government.
“Corruption is rife with people who do not want to pay their debts, most of us here went to universities with government money but until now we have not paid the debt so we need to change in order to grow,” he said.
Matsa said his organization was strongly advocating for the policy to make people accountable.
He also said that he applauds government’s move to cushion local business through encouraging foreign investors to plough back to the locals through considering them on procurement.
“We support government’s idea on ownership when it comes to foreign investors and we also urge foreign investors to give 80% procurement to our local companies, they should not import everything from outside because we also need foreign currency,” he said.

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