Tempering with Zesa meter earns man jail term

By Irvine Dube

A Torwood man who tampered with Zesa electricity meters for his personal gain was sent to prison for three months.

 Daniel Gona (27) was arraigned for unlawfully using electricity without paying for it.

The incident took place on the 18th of March 2019, when Gona diverted electricity from being billed through his meter box. He pleaded guilty to intentionally disturbing the electrical circuits using a sharpened wire to divert electricity from the meter box to his house, without making any charges.

Gona appealed to magistrate Vimbai Mtukwa begging for leniency as he said economic woes had led him to commit the crime.

 “It is because of the condition that has befallen me of being injured. l had no choice but to do it since l am walking with a crush and for the past four good days was in the dark, hence l was having difficulties in helping myself and walking around, thus I plead guilty and am sorry for what l did l ask for mercy your worship,” pleaded the accused.

“l do not see the reason why your injured leg might have landed you in such a scenario, as you indicated earlier that you get food from your sisters they should have as well helped you with electricity money, rather than to do what you did depriving ZESA of its rightful services, instead you did it to benefit yourself, and you only want the court to sympathise with you that you are injured,” Magistrate Mtukwa said.

In passing sentence the magistrate Mtukwa considered that it was the accused’s first time to commit an offense, also that Gona  pleaded guilty with remorse, hence he was sentenced to six months imprisonment and three months suspended on good behavior.

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