Man takes protection order against ex-employer

By Sibusisiwe Ngulube

Sam Mutisi stood before Kwekwe courts under magistrate VimbaiMtukwa applying for peace order against WepiNatarikwa who was once his employee at Skeleton mine, special plant.

Complainant advised the court that the accused started working at the mine in December 2018, it was one sad day when he was called by his manager name not given, as to rush to the mine before something regretting would happen as Natarikwa was harassing vendors taking their goods by force and ate their perishable goods without paying.

Accused also harassed his workmates as he threatens to attack them by weapons they use for mining and also surrounding stones.

Mutisi also conspired that Natarikwa also threatened to attack him when he tried to warn him not to be a bully at work rather work in peace, he even proclaimed that the accused threatened him with a stone and said “ I do not care what people think about me or what and l also fear no one because even at my rural area they know me l burnt my parents’ home in Zhombe and left”

The agenda the complainant pleaded for the law to take part and act fast in barring Natarikwa from coming anywhere near his business center the mine and also put a stop  from harassing his employees.

Law reciprocated to the complainant’s plead and a peace order warrant was granted that the accused not to come near and stay away from the mine for the next 12 months and not to harass neither Sketeton mine workers or vendors.

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