Local authorities urged to acquit 2018 funds to ZINARA

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) has urged local authorities to acquit to the boardas most entities fail access their fund due to failure to acquit.

Speaking at meeting with local authorities in Gweru last week Friday, ZINARA Board Chairperson MichealMudanha said local authorities since December last year a number of local authorities have not been able to acquit.

“Since December last year a lot of our Local authorities have not been able to pay their acquittals. We are now in March. We have money at ZINARA but they are no takers .many councils fail to access their funds because they fail to acquit for the funds given to them.

“We have councils such as Chirumhanzu RDC, Gokwe North and South RDCs, Vungu RDC, GokweRDC,Shurugwi RDC, Zvishavane RDC, Tongogara RDC, Runde RDC  they haven’t acquitted   last year’s funds yet. Our policy as a board we want to take account of the fund we give so that we will give you the next fund” he said.

Minister of State for Midlands Province, Larry Mavhima said much of the excuse given by local councils on acquitting to ZINARA ( Zimbabwe National Road Authority)  were not valid as they required  institutions to be creative in raising extra resources.

“Procurement Regulation Authority Of Zimbabwe (PRAZ), is here to stay and service delivery is important to our residents. This is a challenge to all of us so that you acquit in time rather you won’t acquit in time.

“I think we need to engage in a meeting were we will invite the PRAZ and all local councils so that they can clear our your of need most.  I urged you to be creative and look for mechanism to find resources need because service delivery is essential to the community” saidMavhima.

 Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Joel Matiza said the ministry was moving around with the Road fund to help identity the areas of need in road infrastructure.

“We are moving with the road fund because it is the one which fund our road works hence we need to see to make quality roads, quality products that are guaranteed of long life. We know we have challenge on manpower especially experienced expertise but we have it in the private sector and we want them to participate in the national program” he said

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