Black Star bounces back

By Mike Chakwana

 Black Stars team return in the Central Division 2B league after 12 years of being off track following the absenteeism of sponsorship.

Speaking to this publication, Tambarwi Tambwari who is the team Director said that they have come back with the Black Stars team after the team couldn’t find sponsorship and have also seen talent in today’s young players in the community.

“We have revived the team and we are looking forward to the community helping us with their support hence will make sure we gave them better results that we used to produce long time back,” said Tambwari.

Tambwari vowed that they are not back in the Division 2 to add numbers in the league but to compete for honour and to get the Midlands Division 2B championship.

“We are back and back with a bang. I am happy that the Black Star’s team is back in the community and everyone is welcomed at the team to join since we are giving back the team to the society,” he said.

He further explained that most of the young players are now involved in drugs and it has hindered their development.

“Our community has good players and we are hoping that we will create a strong team that will match other teams and proceed to Division 1,” said Tambwari.

During 2002 to 2004 the club managed to groom players like Derrick Makotose, Simbarashe Gate and Farai Vhimisai who played for Hwange and Nirchrut in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League.

The club is now under the guidance of Lucky Muchapura who once coached Redcraker which was in Division 2 and Star Screens.

He concluded that young players should stay away from drugs and focus on their career of football rather than taking drugs as their daily activity.

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